The choice of ghostwriters in literary texts


Hiring a ghostwriter for a narrative or even an entire novel should be a scary thought to most authors. After all, creating a text is a highly personal and individual matter that can not simply be passed on to strangers. But what if the publisher has set a threateningly close “deadline” when time constraints, personal crises or sudden writer’s blocks could bring the project to failure?

A Ghostwriter for a textual text is usually found easier than a ghostwriter for a high-quality, narrative text, which is intended to abduct the reader on a literary journey into unknown climes.

Especially with literary texts, which live on the personality of the narrator, it is important to portray the protagonists alive, to make their emotional world and their thinking understandable. However, writing a novel, a short story or a narrative does not depend on creativity alone – even if some authors like to see it that way.

Although creativity is a central component of the writing process, it can not unfold its effect without the craftsmanship and the background knowledge, which makes a lively and vivid narrative possible and captivates the reader.
But how does a ghostwriter find such texts?

The first reflex that exists in the Internet search reveals much about the self-presentation of companies or writers, but little about their personality. It is difficult to estimate whether the chemistry between client and ghostwriter is right. If you find any possible candidates for the text during your research, a call helps to find out if you are on the same wavelength.

The other option is to use proven, established agencies with extensive experience in teaching ghostwriters and dealing with difficult texts. In case of doubt, a writing test can usually be requested, which reveals the abilities of the mind and shows whether it is capable of transforming the ideas of the client into a meaningful and competent text in a meaningful text.

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