Ghostwriting in the Internet


Ghostwriting information is now available faster and more extensively than it was a few years ago, thanks to Google, Wikipedia, and many eager authors. Nevertheless, it will be difficult to get an overview that does justice to the actual content of the topic and the current meaning of the topic. The information provided is to be treated with caution, as it often disguises more than revealed.

Whoever expresses something to the topic does so less often out of the need to inform the public, but rather for the reason that he promises something of it. The information found on ghostwriting is filtered in several ways by the commercial profit motive:

  • Ghostwriting is a service, as a result of which the various companies and individuals try to capture the term by defining it. This type of information is either part of direct advertising or, more broadly, part of marketing or customer retention.
  • Ghostwriting is the topic of reporting. Reports are made in particular when scandals lurk, sensations are suspected and, associated with that, higher numbers of visitors can be reached on the websites, which lead to larger advertising revenues. The reporting itself follows its own dynamics, which often have only low journalistic quality. Instead of researching, people often rely on sensationalization and tabloidisation. Thus, the term “ghostwriting” experienced an unexpected boom during the Guttenberg affair, only to be largely ignored again shortly thereafter.
  • Search engines also work through “Sponsored Links” on a commercial basis and can be paid for the good placement of a website accordingly.

Looking at the information on ghostwriting circulated on the internet and in the press, most of the articles (including this one) can be traced back to one or more of these factors. With this in mind, some misperceptions and illusions can be avoided – both on the part of the client, as well as on the part of the authors and journalists who deal with the topic.

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