Academic Ghostwriting: Even professors write


Listening to the term “academic ghostwriting”, one thinks first and foremost of the rich and lazy students who write their term papers by experienced writers. The blame for this unrepresentative image is often the media presentation, which is based more on scandal than on tedious facts.

One of these facts is that academic texts are enjoying great popularity today. They can be found in ministry brochures, in arguing texts from parties or foundations, on private websites and in the broader field of research and the discussions that they have suggested.

The fact is: where explicitly scientific texts are required – especially in the context of study – there is also a great demand. The reasons for this vary, ranging from excessive demands, time constraints and personal difficulties to lack of supervision at the universities.

It is also a fact that employees of universities, teachers, doctors, professors and civil servants have long since discovered the advantages of academic ghostwriting. Especially in a scientific environment in which one follows the unfortunate slogan “publish or perish” (publish or go under), there is a strong pressure of time and competition.

In addition, there is the always detailed differentiation of the subject areas, which makes it almost impossible for a scientist to keep even a rough overview of the current developments in all areas of his subject. The temptation to outsource part of the work by means of ghostwriting can be great.

Anyone who, as a member of the academic middle-class or as a professor, dares to take on the task of entrusting an experienced agency or a knowledgeable young scientist with copywriting, is likely to get a taste for it; Delivery is punctual, contentwise and formally correct.

Many of the higher university students later come back with new text requests, often with a request to the agency to re-hire the same ghostwriter.

In contrast to students, who have to fear legal consequences when submitting a bachelor, diploma or master thesis from ghostwriter’s hand, professors can confidently write.

They are able to assess the quality of the texts, embed them in their own argumentation, or use them as a quick overview of a foreign scientific section. In this way, legal (and, if feared: ethical) problems are avoided.

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